Cannabis Takes Tuscany By Storm

Cannabis Takes Tuscany By Storm June 29, 2018

Everyone's talking about cannabis at the moment. Even the British are talking seriously about legalising it, though perhaps unsurprisingly, Mrs. May is no enthusiast... William Hague (now Lord Hague), is calling for legalisation, insisting that the current policy in the UK is "inappropriate, ineffective and out of date" - and who are we to quibble! From Australia to Switzerland, Norway to the USA and including the larger part of Europe, cannabis is lawful nowadays. Back in the day, George Washington seeded cannabis in early April to ensure a fine harvest come October.

Happily, growing Cannabis was legalised here in Italy almost two years ago and we're seeing a veritable boom in sales of legal cannabis. I should stress that we're looking at "light" cannabis, the varieties with low THC (the principle that creates a strong high and which still remains illegal). Legal cannabis gives all the benefits without the buzz.

A little bird tells us that one of Summer's Leases villa owners intends to plant an organic acre of Cannabis Sativa next spring, so that will give a new twist to holidaying in Tuscany! If you're in Tuscany, but can't wait for that organic acre, you can head for Florence and Italy's very first "Cannabis Store". It's right in the centre of Florence and very easy to find on Via del Corso, close to Piazza della Republica. At the moment all their stock comes directly from Amsterdam, but hopefully, they'll soon be offering cannabis products made in Italy. You'll find a great range of teas, chocolates, biscuits, wines, beer and much more - all with a generous dash of legal cannabis.

And on a completely different topic, some friends were driving in the Chianti region yesterday and spotted a sign by the road in Radda. The sign offered advice on how to ensure a properly balanced diet when visiting the area. It said "always aim to have a glass of wine in each hand". Works for us!